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What does it mean to be Rogue?

We AIR POP all our non-GMO popcorn. This means it isn’t cooked in gobs of oil or sugar. Due to this our popcorn has a softer mouthfeel and won’t have that gritty oily aftertaste like movie theater and other popcorn has. Remember, soft mouthfeel doesn’t = stale! We’ve all become used to the texture of fried popcorn but that’s not how we roll here at Rogue. Because our popcorn is popped just by using hot air we can do amazing things with flavor and not compete with the taste of grease and sugar.

We make our popcorn in small batches. This means the bag you’re holding in your hand is just a baby (2 weeks old at best). Remember that popcorn you see around the holidays that’s sold in those colorful tins? Let’s just say compared to the freshness of our popcorn it should be in a retirement home.

We use as many natural ingredients as possible. The fact is several of our flavors you can grow in your garden, that is if you have a cow for the butter and cheese. The upside is we hear cows are good for gardens too! Over time food has become extreme in all ways. Super sweet, super salty, super colorful and frankly super unrealistic. Even the photos on our website are made using real food with nothing to make it look more extreme.

Color is not a flavor. You will never find blue, green or some other freaky color of popcorn with the Rogue name on it. The ingredients we use color the popcorn naturally and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Next time you pick up a bag of bright red popcorn somewhere, check out the ingredients for yourself! We know after a quick Google search you’ll never pick up that bag again.

Flavor is our passion. Delicious is our mission.

Go Rogue with us today!