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Do you know what's in your popcorn?

Ever wonder how Rogue Popcorn came to be? Well wait no more!

It all started many moons ago when my family wanted me to make them some Jalapeno Cheddar popcorn. I found a few spices online and thought "well this is easy!" until I started reading the label. Nowhere did I see Jalapenos being an ingredient. What I did see were yummy ingredients (NOT!) like Red #40 lake, FD&C Yellow #5, Hydrolized Soy Protein, and my personal favorite "artificial flavor". Go ahead, Google some of these for yourself. The entire hydrolysis process is a good read (straight out of a horror movie).

Like that crunchy buttery salty popcorn you get at the movie theater?

Sure! And if you want to keep liking it don't read this next section..... The "secret sauce" in movie theater popcorn is something called Flavacol. What's in that you ask? Well since you really want to know: Salt, artificial flavors, artificial sweetener (Acesulfam K), yellow #5 Lake (E102), and yellow #6 Lake (E110). Yummy yummy artificial chemicals in my tummy!

How about the other popcorn flavoring that isn't the movie theater stuff?

Sure! There's a lot of choices out there. How about something simple like Bacon and Cheese flavoring? That can't be that bad, right? Well.....you be the judge of that. Here is the actual ingredient list from one of the most popular brands of popcorn flavoring out there: Whey (milk), cheese blend (cheddar cheese (milk, salt, cheese culture, enzymes), whey (milk), salt, disodium phosphate, FD&C Yellow #5 (E102), FD&C Yellow #6 (E110), lactose, hydrolyzed soy protein, salt, nonfat dry milk, natural and artificial flavors, onion powder, natural smoke flavor,FD&C Yellow #5 (E102), FD&C Yellow #6 (E110), silicon dioxide (flow agent) FD&C Red #40 lake (E129) and FD&C Blue #1 (E133) Egads! You didn't find much bacon in that bacon cheese ingredient list did you?


All we're saying is know what you're eating before you eat it.