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To ensure freshness and the outstanding flavor our customers know us for, we only have certain flavors for sale each week.  Below is a list of all flavors we make. 

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Garlic Parmesan
We love Garlic Parmesan wings and we bet you do too! We were trying to capture that flavor in our popcorn and have finally done it. This well-balanced flavor starts off with the deep flavor of Parmesan and then is followed up by delicious garlic. ...
Cinnamon Biscotti
We were looking to create a flavor that paired well with coffee because when you think breakfast you think popcorn, right?  Along came Cinnamon Biscotti.  This flavor features smooth white chocolate, a cinnamon cookie crumble and several varieties...
Cheddar Crazy
We bring plenty of yellow and white cheddar together for this one. No artificial colors or flavors here. Real cheese?  Yes, please!
Cookies & Cream
To say this flavor is loved by many would be an understatement. Is it the creamy vanilla flavor, the flavor depth of the chocolate cookie coating or maybe just the marriage of the two? Who knows. All we do know for certain is you'll want more!
Chocolate Pretzel
Chocolate covered pretzels are delightful but sadly they are not popcorn.   But wait!  Along come the twisted minds of the Rogue team and boom!  Chocolate Pretzel Popcorn.  Sweet and salty goodness awaits!  *mic dropped*
If this popcorn was any more Italian it would need to be served on a red and white checkered tablecloth!  Remember that smell in the air when you walk into an Italian restaurant?  We managed to capture it here with ingredients like Parmesan, orega...
Banana Split
What do bananas, strawberries, peanuts, fudge and vanilla all have in common?  They're on our popcorn!  This one will really blow your mind right from the point you open the bag and smell vanilla ice cream to when you taste what appears to be a co...
Coconut Cream
This is just nuts!  (Literally)  Fresh shredded coconut and shaved almonds grace the surface of delectable air popped popcorn covered in rich and smooth white chocolate.  Now clean that drool up and buy a bag!
Cool Ranch
Made from scratch using our own recipe, our cool ranch popcorn has intense flavor with a nice smooth finish.  Kind of like going down a twisty water slide and then landing in a nice warm hot tub...filled with popcorn (of course).
You don't even need a campfire to enjoy this great combination of milk chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallows.  A sweet reminder of that great night camping in every bite!
Peanut Butter Crunch
Remember those peanut butter cookies you loved growing up? Imagine that combined with more peanut butter AND popcorn. Crazy concept? Yep. Absolutely delicious can't put it down I need more now?? That too.
Sour Cream and Onion
We kept this one simple. Sour cream, onion and a dash of chives make this staple flavor a favorite. You'll never look at those wannabe chips the same way again. Breath mints not included!