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To ensure freshness and the outstanding flavor our customers know us for, we only have certain flavors for sale each week.  Below is a list of all flavors we make. 

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Parmesan Peppercorn
Parmesan Peppercorn was created using a combination of rich cheeses and freshly ground black peppercorns.  The result was a creamy savory flavor with a hint of fine black pepper and spice on the back end.  Lettuce wedges will be jealous.  
Jalapeno Cheddar
Enjoy the deep flavor of our Jalapeno Cheddar featuring rich yellow cheddar with ground Jalapenos.  A nice steady heat without compromising the overall taste awaits!
Strawberry Cheesecake
What do fresh strawberries, graham crackers and rich cheesecake have to do with our popcorn?  They're all in it!  People always ask "how did you get the strawberry flavor just right?".  Um.......we used strawberries....  #GoRogue
Fire up the grills and chill down the beers!  This delicious BBQ popcorn will remind you your last summer cookout.  We managed to pull off a rich BBQ flavor with just a hint of heat all by using natural ingredients.  This surefire favorite will be...
For all you butter lovers out there who don't like to get your paws all greasy.  Deep butter flavor using the magic ingredient of.....wait for it......butter!
Sriracha Lime
You know when you’re on a roller coaster and they tell you to buckle in and remain seated at all times? Good advice for our Sriracha Lime creation. Heat and tangy citrus with hints of garlic and cheese await your taste buds.
Bacon Cheddar Chive
We've heard people wanting to fill their tubs with this one so they can eat their way out. While we wouldn't recommend a bathtub as the best serving mechanism we would recommend you try one of our most sought after flavors. What's better with baco...
Popcorn pizza? No. Pizza popcorn? Exactly! A distant cousin of our Italian flavor this one embodies all the things you love about pizza. Tomatoes, cheese and oregano are just a few characteristics that make this flavor a winner.
Butterscotch Maple Pecan
Buttery butterscotch (see what we did there?) with a hint of Vermont maple all wrapped up in a nice bow of ground pecans. Deliciousness awaits. Order more than one though! You'll get to the bottom of the bag faster than you think.
Lemon Crumb
When life hands you lemons eat Lemon Crumb popcorn!  A delicious mix of white chocolate, lemon cookies and lemon rind to kick it up a notch.  A light but refreshing flavor especially for all you wine drinkers out there!
If this tasted any closer to a pickle, we would have to sell it in jars filled with brine! Many fresh herbs and spices like dill weed, mustard seed and even a touch of garlic all come together to form the best pickle popcorn you'll ever experience.
We didn't exactly squeeze an actual cheeseburger into each kernel as rumored but we did come close! Beef, cheddar, onion and even ketchup make their presence known in each bite.